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Easy Welding Projects for Around the Home and the Shop

Four Great Welding Projects For You

Many of the most creative and handy things that we see on the internet and in the real world have been created through simple welding techniques and with a bit of ingenuity from its creator. Welding projects are a great way to practice and develop some handy ideas, there really is no limit to the list of things you can build, all while practicing and growing your skillset as a welder or metal fabricator.

While putting your creativity on display through welding is always fun, building useful household items can also be incredibly practical. Once you have become experienced in building certain items, it is also a great way to make money as well. There will always be a need for skillfully welded objects, and making money was probably why you got into welding in the first place. Although it can take a bit of time to perfect your overall craft as a welder, if you practice some of these simple household items enough, you can quickly perfect the items enough to sell them specifically.

Whether you are looking to build some practical household items for your own personal use, or you are looking to find a specific niche market for items to sell, these and other household welding projects can be fun, useful and profitable. They will also provide you the chance to display your creativity and grow invaluable experience as a welder. Whether you are a beginner or a master welder, you should feel free to add your own creative spin on any of these ideas to make them your own.

Rolling Tool/Supply Cart Welding Project

Especially as a beginner, some welding projects that so many welders waste time going back and forth around the garage, gathering tools and supplies before returning to the project. This is not only a waste of valuable time, it also interrupts the flow of the work which can lead to additional problems. Many welding tables already have castor wheels, but adding an additional rolling cart for tools and supplies (including your welding machines) could eliminate the need to lug around heavy equipment or search around the shop for the right tool.

To build the cart, you will want to draw out the design first. If you plan to put your welding machine on the cart, measure it out first to make sure the cart will be big enough. Then use angle-iron brackets to build the outer sides and join them into a rectangular form. Weld metal strips across the base, and then weld the casters and cart wheels. Make sure to add a rod for a handle and you are ready to go.

Barbeque Welding Projects

An oldie but a goodie, welders have been making their own custom barbeque grills since the beginning of time. This is something you can have a lot of fun with and also sell at a considerable profit once you have gotten the practice down. If you plan to make grills for sell, you will need to add your own flare and creativity to it in order to set your barbeques apart from the mass-produced models that a person can buy cheaply and easily at any store.

However, you will want to start by making a simple, functional grill before you get into the fancy stuff. To do so, you will only need one clean metal barrel and some metal strips. First use your torch to cut the barrel in half, horizontally. Weld the strips across the barrel in a mesh pattern, making sure they are evenly spaced. That’s it…now you have the basic barbeque and can get more creative to build upon this simple design.

Shop Stool

One thing that every welder needs, you can build some invaluable welding experience by making your own shop stool. This can also become quite the money maker once you have perfected the craft and begin making household stools and chairs. The best shop stool is a simple one, and you should begin with it.

Make sure to draw out the design first. Then get some angle iron brackets for the legs and a square piece of steel for the seat. Make sure that the height of the brackets are the same to keep the stool from being wobbly. Weld it all together and add a pad for cushion.

Garden Fence

There always welding projects that can be done in the garden, one classic project that can be incredibly practical and a good money-maker is the garden fence. All you need is some aluminum-magnesium alloy wire mesh and some steel rods. Before beginning, make sure you plan and measure everything well and distance the rods no more than two yards apart. Aside from that, the height, design and everything else is up to you, so get creative and have fun.

These are just a few common, practical welding ideas,  Here are some more ideas! and all you need to get started are your tools and a quality welding table. Weldsale Inc. manufactures welding tables made from cast iron that stay flat longer and hold up better than solid steel tables. Spatter does not stick to them, and because they hold up under virtually any shop conditions, welders absolutely love them.