Downdraft Ventilation / Exhaust Systems

Why use a downdraft ventilation/exhaust system? Because it works!

Retrofit is available for most existing Platens and stands. Please phone for full retrofitting information
Operator friendly–the welder does not need to move an extraction arm
Operator can make long welds without stopping to reposition a smoke exhaust arm
The downdraft principle (moving smoke away from the welder) is in keeping with OSHA guidelines.
Applicable for any process — MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, TIG, Plasma Cutting, Oxy-Acetylene cutting, Arcair gouging, and grinding.
Especially suitable for galvanized and stainless welding.

Our goal is to capture approximately 70% of the smoke and fumes generated at least 12-18″ above the Platen surface. Efficiency increases as the square holes are covered over by your weldment and plugged with clamps and tools. Field tests show that Weldsale downdraft systems do not affect the shielding gases in MIG welding operations.

We constantly seek to improve our products. This is the third generation of our downdraft systems. It works better than our previous designs.

Weldsale Company supplies only industrial grade pipe, ducting and elbows. We also supply pipe hangers and a pipe coupling for this suggested layout. The exhaust blowers
are industrial grade and have weather resistant covers.

Customer must supply their own electrical starter components and power cable. (Larger size units will also need a starter motor.) 

Call 215-739-7474 for pricing and availability

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