Tools For 1-3/4" Sq Holes

Please check your platen to see if it is an Acorn brand,  Weldsale brand or if it is generic, which mean there is no name on your table.

Please remember to verify the size of the square holes before you order. These holes are tapered depending upon the table design. The clamps need to be fully seated into the hole, otherwise, they will break over time. The best place to make the measurement is

  • Your platen is a Weldsale Brand with 1-3/4″ holes: Click the link above and any of our tools and clamps will be compatible.
  • If is an Acorn Brand or Generic style brand also click on the link above but AVOID ALL BOLT DOWN TOOLS, however, the small components will be compatible.
  • Confused? We don’t blame you, but to learn more about the history of how platens evolved, click here.

Click here for all our 1-3/4″ tooling

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  • WSC-KNEE2414

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  • WSC-2613420 Vertical Pipe Clamp, 20 inch

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  • WSC-16134ADJUST

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  • WSC-16134 Vertical Clamp, 9″ envelope

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  • WSC-3BD2.5

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  • WSC-ANGLE448

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Showing all 6 results