About Us


Our story is deeply entwined with the history of Platens, so to tell our story we need to tell their story. Platens have been in existence for well over 100 years. No one knows exactly how they came to be, but we can speculate. So, this is the story of how we THINK Platens got started. It is possible that “Platens” came to be when ships’ carpenters, on a voyage across the sea, needed a work table for fixing a broken part of the ship. The sailing ships had 2 sets of hatch covers: solid and ventilated. (The ventilated hatch covers look a LOT like Platens!)

We believe that the ship’s carpenter would use the ventilated hatch covers as their workbench. We speculate that when ship Designers started using iron and steel for the hulls and the decks of Ships, some bright, enterprising Shipbuilder – still using the ventilated hatch covers as his workbench – had the brilliant idea to make the same style workbench out of iron rather than wood! Because the multiple square holes were perfect for his stops and dogs, he simply kept the design intact! The square holes allow for clamping down anywhere, as well as horizontal bending and clamping. Additionally, the versatility is the ability to utilize tooling with both round and square pegs.

In the absence of ANY metal bending machinery (at that time), cast-iron platens became a natural assistant in that task. The multitude of square holes allowed for all sorts and shapes of bending fixtures to be made to assist in the bending and blacksmithing work needed when making these early iron and steel ships. Hence, they earned the nicknames, “Bending Slabs” and “Bending Blocks”. We have also heard “Old Timers” refer to them as “Flat Beds”, “Flat Slabs,” and “Pin Tables.” These are our thoughts on how cast-iron platens came to be. They were – and continue to be – an excellent tool for nearly any metalworker needing to cut, weld, bend, straighten, grind, bolt, screw, layout, and set up his work. Platens are used in an incredible array of metalworking, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair shops – in nearly every Industry. Our sister Company, J. A. Cunningham Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1946 to buy and sell new welding equipment. At the same time, Cunningham Eqpt. started buying and reconditioning used welding equipment as well.

In approximately 1961, they happened to buy some used welding platens, reconditioned them, and sold them as well. Around 1962, Welding Wholesale Company was created for the purposes of selling Welding Equipment, Welding Wire, and began making our own brand of Platens, stands, and tooling. Our Platen selection has grown over the decades, as has our selection of tools and clamps, and we have grown into Weldsale Company LLC, with the selection you will find in this catalog. Some of our customers are new to using platens, and some have been using platens for decades. We are constantly surprised by the creative ways the welders put their Weldsale Platens to use. Please see some examples in this catalog. Perhaps you will share with us some of the ingenious ways you use your Weldsale Platen! Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and for considering Weldsale Platens for your shop!


All New WELDSALE products come standard with a 2 Year Warranty. If you are not satisfied with the product or it does not meet the WELDSALE STANDARD please contact us and we will accept it for a full refund. Weldsale is a family-owned and operated business since 1962. J. A. Cunningham Equipment, Inc. – our “sister” Company – was incorporated in 1946. Our family has a 75 – history of selling new and used Welding Equipment, and a 59-year history of selling new and reconditioned Welding Platens. We are specialists in Welding equipment.


Our shipments of Platens, Stands, and Tooling are typically VERY heavy. (Even when shipping just our Tooling, the shipment tends to be heavy). Upon delivery, you should have either a forklift available or an Overhead Crane, either of which must have sufficient capacity to lift our shipment when unloading the delivery truck. Do you have a loading dock? Many of our customers do not. Some have no loading dock, no forklift, and no crane. Give us a call at 215-739-7474. We think we will have some good suggestions for you. We hate to lose a good sale for some minor inconveniences like these.

Considering your needs now can save some really expensive aggravation, later! You may need to rent a forklift. MOST of our Truck shipments are as LTL shipments in closed Vans. (LTL=Less Than Trailer Load). We also ship via Flatbed trucks, including LTL Flatbed. Flatbed Trucks are almost always more expensive, but sometimes delivery by Flatbed is mandatory. This is the case when unloading by Overhead Crane. Please be sure you can back a truck into your building, all the way to where the shipment is under the hook. NOTE: We load our 5’ x 8’ and 5’ x 10’ Platens the LONG WAY into a closed Van for shipment. This means that, when unloading, our Platens center of gravity is WAY BEYOND the 24” center of gravity that is the typical standard rating for lifting capacity of most Forklifts.

Upon receipt of shipment, please do a full inspection of all “packages” to ensure no damage has occurred in transit, and no parts were lost during shipping. Once you sign for the delivery, no claim can be made to the Carrier. Our Customer ALWAYS pays return freight, unless – whatever the issue is requiring returns – it is clearly Weldsale responsibility.

NOTE: If you are a Residential delivery, you MUST advise us. Not all carriers deliver residential.

Here is a sampling of how we normally ship:

UPS for Clamps and Tooling orders under 150 lbs. However, when a shipment adds up to around 120 lbs, we often compare UPS prices to LTL prices. We usually, but not always, ship via the lower price.

LTL for Platen, Stand and Tooling orders. This is our standard, most common method of shipping.

Flatbed Truck: including LTL Flatbed when necessary. These can include Stepdeck, Conestoga, Hot Shot, etc.

PUP: (aka Straight job, Box Truck) can usually be arranged, as can a Liftgate, and/or a Pallet Jack.

Our Truck: Our “sister” Company will deliver for a nominal charge within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia, PA 19125, or York, PA 17402.

Freight Terminal Delivery (near you): we have occasionally arranged this. They hold the goods and you pick them up with your own method of conveyance.

Canada: We deliver to all points.

Mexico: We deliver to YOUR Customs Broker in Laredo, Texas.

International: We normally ship via Ocean Freight: DAP “your closest Seaport” INCOTERMS 2020

Please contact us at 215-739-7474 for a freight quote.

Failure to advise us of any difficulty you perceive in unloading may result in the delay of delivery and additional shipping charges. You are welcome to arrange your own shipping, however, we pride ourselves on offering competitive shipping charges.