WSC-1713428 Bolt Down Vertical Clamp, 28″ envelope


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BOLT Down Vertical Clamp with 0 – 28 inch clamping envelope and 4-1/2″ throat. Bolt Down Boot securely bolts this clamp to a Weldsale Platen. (will ONLY bolt to used WELDSALE Platens, NOT Generic Used Platens.) Some customers prefer this Clamp. It is similar to our popular WS16-134-20 except for the taller clamping envelope and bolt down feature. Positives features are that this will securely bolt down and vertical arm does not tilt back. Negative features include: A) it is slower to install and remove on the Platen, B) swivel feature – the ability of clamp to swivel out of the way after unclamping – is negated by this Clamp bolting down, C) CLAMP DOES NOT HAVE SAME CLAMPING POWER, due to the long vertical rail, which has more “give” the higher the clamping takes place. ALTERNATE: use a WSTOWER12 and WS17-134-16 – or – 2 each WSTOWER12, bolted to Platen and bolted together into a stack, and WS17-134.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 38 x 12 x 4 in