Weldsale Platen Bundles

Weldsale Platen BUNDLES allow you to easily purchase a Platen and a Stand, at the same time.

Most of our Customers want to buy both the Platen AND the Steel Stand.  This makes it easy to get both.

If you want to purchase JUST a Platen (without the Stand) that is ok.  And if you wish to purchase a Stand ONLY (because you already have a Platen) that is ok, too.  Just go to those respective Categories (see Column on the right side of page)  for your purchase.

Our Platens and Stands fit together like a glove.  This is the fourth or fifth generation (design) of Weldsale Steel Stands.

ALL of our Steel Stands are fully welded together, and Painted.  This has always been the case.

The Stands are approximately 1/8 inch smaller (length and width) that the Platens.  This prevents the Stands from interfering, if you wish to bolt two (or more) Platens together into larger Platen “beds”.

Weldsale Platens and Stands are designed to bolt together, and our Stands have  holes in the foot pads so you can either anchor bolt them to your floor, or install leveling pads, which will compensate for uneven floors, and allow you to easily level one Platen relative to the next, when your weldment is large enough to span several Platens.

Weldsale Platens and Stands give you a working height of 32 inches from the floor to the top surface of your Platen.  Some Customers complain that this height is too low.  We would like to point out the following:  typical leveling pads will increase the height by at least 2 inches, sometime more.  Many – but not all – of our Customers are building weldments that  build up from the table surface.  Sometimes these weldments become 1 foot or 2 feet tall….and sometimes 4, 6, 8 feet or higher off the table surface!  So, you can see that – sometimes – this 32 inch standard height is way too tall!!

You may custom order your stands, at whatever height you wish, but before doing so, please carefully consider what you are building today, and what you MIGHT be building tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience, reading the above information.  Please scroll down to see the various Bundles available.  (Note: ALL sized of Platens are available in Bundles.)

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  • 5 ft x 10 ft Bundle, consists of WSC-510B Platen and WSC-510BNS Steel Stand

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  • 5 ft x 8 ft Bundle, consists of WSC-58B Platen and WSC-58BNS Steel Stand

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  • 5 ft x 6 ft Bundle, consists of WSC-56B Platen and WSC-56BNS Steel Stand

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  • 5 ft x 5 ft Bundle, consists of WSC-55B Platen and WSC-55BNS Steel Stand

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  • 4 ft x 4 ft Bundle, consists of WSC-44B Platen and WSC-44BNS Steel Stand

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  • 2.5 ft. x 5 ft. bundle, consists of WSC-25B Platen and WSC-25BNS Steel Stand

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  • 3 ft x 6 ft Bundle, consists of the Platen and a Lite Duty Steel Stand

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  • 3 ft x 3 ft Bundle, consists of WSC-33D Lite Duty Platen and WSC-33DNS Lite Duty Steel Stand

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Showing all 8 results