2.5 ft. x 5 ft. bundle, consists of WSC-25B Platen and WSC-25BNS Steel Stand


WSC-25B Platen 2-1/2 ft. x 5 ft.


WSC-25BNS Steel Stand for 2-1/2 ft. x 5 ft. Platen

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This bundle consists of Weldsale 2.5 ft x 5 ft Platen and 2.5 ft x 5 ft Steel Stand. This bundle includes the Part Numbers: WSC-25B and WSC-25BNS, respectively.

The overall height of Platens and Stand will be 32 inches, from floor to top of Platen. Custom heights are available at higher prices and longer lead times. Leveling pads will increase this height!

The Platen is made of high tensile strength Cast Iron, and measures 30” x 60” x 5.5” overall height, and is 1.5” thick as measure through the square hole.

The Steel Stand is fully welded of Structural steel tubing and angle iron. This Stand has 4 legs. The Stand is slightly smaller than the Platen so it will not interfere if you wish to bolt two or more Platens together. Platen will bolt to the Stand. We include 4 each 1” dia. bolts, nuts, and washers with this Bundle.

Please specify both part numbers, if you choose to send in a Purchase Order.

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